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The Company has a long experience in the extraction and marketing of Carrara marble blocks, a long tradition carried on today by the new owners with the same passion and the same commitment as always but with a renewed momentum: ambition and innovation, combined with the great value of the materials extracted in the Carrara quarries, make this prestigious “Enterprise”, a center of excellence in this sector, a spearhead among the companies of the Apuo-Versilia area.

Corporate culture, growth, development, are our values, from which we draw the lifeblood that allows us to pursue with determination important goals, but above all to realize our greatest “desires” …

“The pleasure and pride in seeing one’s own company prosper, gain credit, inspire confidence in an increasingly growing clientele, expand facilities, constitute a motivation to grow that is equally as powerful as making profits.”

(From a speech by Luigi Einaudi, 1960)

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Our Quarries

The Gualtiero Corsi Srl holds important concessions in the Colonnata Basin, two important quarries, the Cima di Gioia quarry and the Venedretta quarry, from which the precious Carrara Marble is extracted

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Our materials

In the two Carrara quarries, our company extracts materials of great aesthetic value such as the white marbles, the vendretta Bardiglio and Paonazzo, unique materials characterized by very high elasticity

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History of Gualtiero Corsi

A centenary history

The new company Gualtiero Corsi S.r.l., which will conduct its extraction operations inside the marble basin of Colonnata, in the ancient marble quarry named “Cima di Gioia” since the mid-1800s

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