Hystory Gualtiero Corsi S.r.l.


In the year 2000, “the enterprise” of the historic Corsi family of Carrara, operating in the Carrara marble sector since the mid-1800s, established the new company Gualtiero Corsi S.r.l., which will conduct its extraction operations inside the marble basin of Colonnata, in the ancient marble quarry named “Cima di Gioia”.

The extraction activity proceeded under the direction of the Corsi family until 2010, when the concession and ownership of the company were sold to the Cavatori di Gioia Cooperative, which holds the concession of the quarries bordering the Gualtiero Corsi Srl.

The company continues to this day the quarry work, maintaining the name and prestige consolidated over the years by the original owners.
The dynamism of the production is due to a skilled quarrying strategy with respect for the environment and safety, moreover the acquisition of important neighboring quarrying sites, makes possible its growth and a lively opening towards new artistic works created with the materials excavated in the quarries of Carrara, with the production of items destined to wider commercial sectors.

In 2017 the Venedretta Luxury Brand was born, high level design items, furnishing accessories and jewelry for men and women are created under this brand.
Venedretta Luxury is the result of an ambitious approach that envisages the relaunch of a luxury design production and an innovative and original processing of the Carrara marble, simultaneously contributing to recover those cultural and aesthetic aspects waned over time, focusing on the territory and its peculiarities.

In January 2018 the Gualtiero Corsi moved to the heart of the city of Carrara, in the new offices of Via Roma, in the gallery, thus marking a new beginning for a company that has always had ambitions and a desire for growth.

In the picture:

  • on the left the mural realized on the highest wall of the Cima di Gioia marble quarry in May 2017 by the Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra
  • on the right the base of a column dating back to the Roman era found inside the quarry