Cima di Gioia quarry

At about 850 meters above sea level on the summit of the peak stands the historic Cima di Gioia quarry that marks the boundary between the city of Carrara and Massa. Turning the eye to the first you overlook the harmonious village of Colonnata, while turning towards Massa you can see the quiet village of Casette if you turn south-west you can instead see the sea.

Before this incredible view in May 2017, the Brazilian Street Artist, Eduardo Kobra, known throughout the world for his colorful and sharp murals, depicted, in the highest wall, one of his most beautiful art works: a David of 10 by 11 meters.
In the spring-summer period, guided tours are organized, with advanced reservation, to admire this masterpiece.

From this quarry, one of the most prestigious Carrara quarries, marbles of great charm are extracted suitable for architecture and interior design.


Carrara - Tuscany, Italy

Quarrying Basin


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Quarry 168

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